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Driver CPC Offences and Penalties

Great Britain legislation is already in place to make it an offence to drive a vehicle without holding a driver CPC, and to cause or permit another person to do so (maximum fine for either offence is 1,000).

This means that, as with driver licence checks, transport companies must have systems in place to ensure that drivers are properly qualified.

The driver will also be breaking the law if he/she fails to produce their driver's qualification card at the roadside; this will be enforced by the police and VOSA.

Allowances will be made for lost or stolen DQC's similar to the rules that are currently in force for lost or stolen digital tachograph cards (i.e. report within 7 days and you may only drive for 15 calendar days without your card).

The Driver CPC holding will be enforced in the same way as holding an appropriate driving licence, particularly by the police, VOSA, and DVLA. Also, any EU enforcement body can ask a driver for proof that his/her CPC status is current while they are driving in other Member states, and issue a penalty if a driver is in breach of the Directive.