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CPC Periodic Training

Periodic training consists of a minimum of 35 hours of approved training, delivered by an approved training provider spread over 5 years (10th September 2009 to 9th September 2014). The training may be split into smaller courses of at least seven hours long and taken at any time during the five year period.

There is flexibility in relation to course content, provided it is linked to the core syllabus contained in the European directive. There is no need to cover the entire syllabus. This means individual employers or sectors may prescribe content and method of delivery.

Potentially the greatest burden of the new legislation - periodic training - also holds the key opportunity for improvement in important areas of driver productivity, fuel efficiency and compliance.

CPC-Driver Training offers a variety of courses covering different sections of the required syllabus; however, additional courses can be tailored to your specific needs and added (at a few weeks' notice). If you require a course which we are not currently advertising, please "contact us" for further information.

There is no fixed syllabus although there are three main groups of subjects:

The content of the training is designed to deal with subject matter that is relevant to the driver in their day to day work.

"Tests" are not compulsory as part of the Periodic Training as it is not a pass or fail course; you will receive a certificate of attendance. All courses must provide a method of evaluation which may include some form or questionnaire, exam or test.

The driver has flexibility as to how he/she takes the 35 hours training over this time. So for example a driver may complete two one day courses in the first year and three one day courses in the fifth year; however, we recommend that all drivers take one day course each year.

To book your training or make an enquiry please contact CPC Driver Training now.